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Published: 18th January 2012
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Ashazi Online Payment Technology / GCC

Ashazi is a leading regional payment service provider, offering electronic payment services to merchants, financial institutions and mobile operators in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the entire GCC region. Ashazi’s services include the processing of credit card payments and other means of payment over the Internet, real-time fraud protection as well as prepaid card and mobile payment solutions.

Ashazi also specializes in delivering Enterprise Platform Technology for Financial Institutions and Telecommunication Providers. The overall product portfolio include a comprehensive range of mobile applications that can be deployed on these platforms, as well as facilitating the back-office expertise for integrating Financial Institutions and Telecommunication Providers. Our Telecommunication System Integration scales from the traditional Telecommunication Infrastructure, to the overall support of individual IP Network Infrastructure. For Financial Institutions, our experience spans from connecting core banking servers to our in-house developed Payment Gateway, based on Open Source Cloud Technology.
The Internet traffic growth for the GCC is to be expected by 45% over the next two years, with an ongoing growth of 65% for the online payment industry, a number that is set to grow with the provision of secured online payment facilities and fraud prevention systems, specially in regards the threats of fishing, cloning and identity theft involved by releasing personal details. Based on the growing demand of risk management solutions and fraud prevention strategies, the Ashazi Payment Gateway cater the latest industry standards :

Functional Overview
• Realtime Rule Engine

Ability to embed client specific realtime decision logic in payment acceptance processes.
• Global Network of Credit Rating Partners

Existing worldwide cooperations with major national / regional credit rating institutions.
• Global Network of Fraud Protection Service Partners

Existing worldwide cooperations with leading fraud protection technology and service providers.
• Age Verification Services

Ability to provide international age verification and compliance services.
• Customer Score Cards

Ability to set-up client specific score cards, either individually or on the basis of existing industry score cards.
• Integration with Dispute Management

Seamless integration with dispute management functionality enables realtime data feeds into fraud data pools.
• Negative Database / Terrorism Blacklist

Access to customer / industry specific internal data pools or inclusion of third party data (e.g. InterCard, U.N.,…)

Ashazi is one of the leading GCC full-service providers of products and services for electronic payments. We offer a broad range of local and global payment methods in addition to corresponding risk management facilities

Age & ID verification: We work with external vendors to secure age and ID verification, dependent on what region(s) you target.

Automated bank transfer deposits: This is certainly possible if a corporate account with one of our bank partners is opened.

Anti-money-laundering/fraud management: The Ashazi Fraud Prevention and AML Suite allows the setting of rule based parameters. Select our standard suite or input your fully customizable settings. Includes IP BIN check, Geo-location, Velocity Checks, Black-/Whitelisting, and many further settings.

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